All U Need 4 Travel: The website is nearly there!

Sunday, 19 September 2010

The website is nearly there!

Well it's been a few weeks of high levels of frustration but the site is almost ready. will launch in the next week or so.

Spent most of today putting videos and other info on the site to support the products. So far covered the Travelrest pillow, the VinOair and the Alcosense breathalysers.

Sorted Google Base out as well (I think) but who knows - it all seems so complicated sometimes.

If you ever see one of those ads saying get your web shop up and running with 3 easy clicks... well don't believe them! I do have to say that the support staff at 1and1 have been very useful, there is no way you can work some of the things out as they are just not intuitive.

Anyway nearly there - do check it out and actually if you want to buy what's up there it will work so feel free - your support appreciated!


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  1. Its alwasy the same - things take at least twice as long as you expect- but you did it, great work it looks fab