All U Need 4 Travel: New product keeps you comfy and dry!

Monday, 27 September 2010

New product keeps you comfy and dry!

We've got the Shmangle! This is the perfect funky accessory for the outdoor enthusiast - cosy fleece blanket on the inside, with a waterproof back and hood. Whether sitting on it to protect you from wet grass or wearing it to shelter from the rain, you are going to feel snug and comfy!
The Shmangle Blanket is a large, lightweight, multipurpose, hooded blanket with a waterproof outer layer and a cosy fleece lining that packs away into a small drawstring bag. It can be worn to shelter from the rain and keep warm around a campfire or used as a groundsheet for sitting on damp grass. Use it to keep warm when festival-going, fishing, camping, caravanning, boating, horse riding, picnicking, watching the kids play football and more.

We've got the modest but popular blue version but if you’d like a different colour please tell us through the contact page on the website or just make a comment here and we'll get one for you.

Size 180cm x 140cm. Weight 1.1 kg Machine washable at 40 degrees - leave to dry naturally for best results.
Shmangles are ISO certified waterproof so you can rest assured that unless you sit in water, you should stay dry. Of course it is a blanket not a wetsuit, so don't expect miracles!
If you want to buy a Shmangle from us you can do so here.....

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  1. Needed one of these this weekend- Conwy Marina and up the river - beautiful but so cold.....a Shamangle would have been perfect......
    What about a key ring that floats and lights up - My sister had her key on a cork key tag which would have been no use if we'd dropped it on either of our slightly unsteady journies back from the local hostelleries.