All U Need 4 Travel: The shop is open - AllUNeed4Travel is live!!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

The shop is open - AllUNeed4Travel is live!!

Yes, it's true, we've opened the doors and taken the site live with 20 odd products available. More are being added everyday to extend the ranges in all product categories.

Over the coming weeks we will be focussing on the categories and detailing what's available. Your comments are vital for us to improve so please feel  free to have a look at the site and feedback either through the contact us function or why not come back to the blog and add your comments. Good, bad or indifferent, all your comments are looked at and acted on.

Ah well, back to the shelf stacking!!!

1 comment:

  1. it's fascinating what intersting products are out there when you start looking- all sorts of goodies to make llife easier and better.Personally can't wait to try the vinoair- its meant to make a £5 bottle of ref tast like a £25 one- now thats an investment!An ideal take on holiday item if the wine where you are travelling to was anything like the wine we had in Turkey