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Friday, 22 March 2013

We've been a bit neglectful of the blog recently as we've built the business in the last year but we're back to tell you about all the latest and greatest items we've added to the shop. 
One of the most innovative things we've seen are Pop & Go Knickers for ladies travelling and at concerts. No more tricky moments trying to change into new pants in cramped toilets or tiny tents.
Pop & Go Knickers offer hygiene and comfort – you can change these knickers without having to undress.  With Pop & Go you will never have to worry again about not feeling fresh and clean at your destination.  There is no need to remove trousers, tights or shoes, and Pop & Go Knickers can be changed in 40 seconds whether standing up, sitting or lying down.

Pop & Go Knickers are available in two styles, Briefs and High-Leg Briefs.  Each comes in a pack of two and comes with a pop-and go bag for storage of the spare pair.

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