All U Need 4 Travel: New DEET based insect repellent

Sunday, 24 March 2013

New DEET based insect repellent

It might feel like we're back in the middle of winter but those nasty insects are still out there at travel destinations around the world. We've got a new range of insect protection products from Care Plus to help protect you against the beasties

So what is this DEET stuff?

Deet is suitable for both tropical destinations (with the associated risks of malaria, dengue fever and yellow fever) and for European countries. The active constituent DEET is effective against stinging insects as well as ticks. DEET provides the most effective protection against (malaria) mosquitoes, gadflies, ticks and bloodsuckers, and is reasonably effective against large horseflies and midges..

Care Plus® recommends a DEET percentage of between 30% and 50%. An insect repellent with a DEET percentage of less than 30% may not be effective, and a percentage above 50% has no added value. The percentage of DEET in the repellent is the decisive factor in how long the repellent remains active on the skin. We now stock the 50% spray to give maximum effect.

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