All U Need 4 Travel: Flo Atomiser

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Flo Atomiser

This is a fantastic invention - using the Flo you can decant perfume or aftershave even from a spray bottle so you can carry an aircraft acceptable amount in your hand luggage.

I also use the Flo in my hand bag all the time as it means I don't carry a big bottle of perfume with me .

The special filler nozzle means you can use a spray perfume or a more traditional bottle - the latest version of this contains 6ml of perfume. The versatility & capacity of Flo is better than any of the other atomisers on the market

They will make great Christmas presents for all my girl friends this year. The black one is great for guys that fly and want to take thier aftershave with them .

The Flo comes in 3 colours pink black and silver - if you want one of these visit the link below with discounts available on multiple purchases

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