All U Need 4 Travel: Apprentice Cuuli versus the Wicked Wedge

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Apprentice Cuuli versus the Wicked Wedge

It was with interest that I watched tonight's Apprentice as the task involved them creating a new beach product.

I wondered if they were going to come up with some fab gadget that would be a bestseller. Seems they didn't (even though Boots showed interest in the book-stand-thingy that the girls screwed up by not accepting an exclusive deal!).

The boys (and Stella) came up with a beach towel with an attached container that was supposed to keep things cool and store your stuff. From a distance and if you squinted a bit, you could probably be forgiven for thinking you'd seen a Wicked Wedge.

Personally I think the Wedge is best because it packs flatter and lets you sit against it rather than just resting your head on it - I really suspect that the storage bit is probably uncomfortable on your neck after a few minutes.

But you never know, maybe some company that is much better organised than this year's Apprentice rabble will take it up and iron out the wrinkles. Until that day I'm sticking with the Wedge!

To see more about the Wedge visit:

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