All U Need 4 Travel: Teabags, Toilet Paper and Marmite!

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Teabags, Toilet Paper and Marmite!

According to a new survey (and we all know how reliable those are!), some of the most important travel essentials packed by Brits are teabags and Marmite.

Other home comforts finding their way into our bags are bacon and toilet tissues. Unfortunately, a growing number are also packing their work phones - hurrah for the rise of the smartphone, not!


The survey from also shows that we have varied ways of doing our packing with 40% of respondents claiming to be "pretty organised" whilst 17% just chuck everything in at the last minute. The saddest fact that comes out of this is that 6% had the time to be very meticulous, wrapping their clothes, layer by layer, in tissue paper. (I'm absolutely not in that category)!

What are your travel essentials and just how do you do your packing?

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