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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Busy Times

We have been to the Spring Fair Trade Show and found lots of new stuff that is really exciting- our very small office is bursting with fascinating boxes all ready for sale on the website... watch this space for loads of info on Ila Security - fab range of personal security for ladies- I have already used the pedometer & alarm. Have the pebble as my key ring and made sure my teens have one too! Also packed in my travel bag the Ila wedge - a clever alarm thas wedges underneath hotel doors & if the door is opened makes a loud sound to scare off bad people ( must tell you about the Premier Inn in Brum and why a wedge would have made me feel much safer) -Definitely going to give an Ila Wedge to Rosie & her mates for Uni - and need to send one to my god daughter Vics who is studying Medicine in Soton. So loads to report for Alluneed4 in the coming days. Home life as ever is complicated, reassured by old friends who I only see rarely ,that my complications are actually not so unusual or rare- my conclusion is we all need to talk more- yes even men- so promise to write more regularly now especially as I have so much to tell.

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