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Saturday, 20 November 2010

Wine aeration works!

We've found some useful information on the free article site about wine aeration.

Do Wine Aerators Work?

Pour-through wine aerators are a relatively new addition to the wine accessory world, and the reviews are unanimous: they work!

They are especially useful for the average wine drinker who buys wine off the shelf, for consumption within a few weeks or months.

Most retail wine sellers don't stock ripe vintages, opting instead for more affordable reds and whites from the previous 5-10 years. These wines are wonderful, high-quality options if you follow the cardinal rule of wine: Let it breathe!

Have you noticed that the last glass poured from a bottle tastes better than the first? That's not the alcohol confusing your tastebuds, it's the oxygen improving the wine over time. Amazing wines can be ruined by drinking them too soon out of the bottle, your £10-£15 bottle needs a little TLC to live up to its price.
New reds especially need air to ripen and allow the flavours to meld. As oxygen flows through the wine, the harshest elements are burned off, leaving a smoother, well-rounded taste.
Young whites also benefit from air, as they can come out of the bottle tart or overly tangy.

There are two preferred ways to allow your wine to breathe - decant or aerate.

Decanting -
Decanting was originally introduced to allow wine sediment to settle to the bottom of a vessel, and is largely used for deep, complex reds. Today, sediment is hardly an issue with wines, normally you can see through the bottle if decanting is necessary. The average rich red wine needs a minimum of an hour to breathe in a wide vessel. Many wine lovers don't have this kind of time, especially when entertaining and serving several bottles over the course of a dinner or party.

Aerating -
For wine drinkers who like to enjoy single glasses, or a number of different wines in an evening, a wine aerator is the must-have gadget to ensure maximum enjoyment. Available in single glass or bottle sizes, (some wine aerators are versatile enough to do both) aerators sit between the glass or vessel, separating wine as it's poured from the bottle into streams to allow maximum airflow in seconds, not hours.

Great for Parties
As well as being practical, wine aerators are fun to show off to guests. The next time you throw a party, make a point of pouring a glass through an aerator, and let your guests try both the oxygenated wine and the wine straight from the bottle. Most average drinkers can't believe the difference in taste. You'll be the host of the season, and establish yourself as a true aficionado.

So if you want one of these you have a choice - the VinOair which aerates as you pour, and the Rouge O2 which aerates a whole bottle at a time automatically in one minute.

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